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SOS Stuffed Plush Wildebeest Collection

SOS Stuffed Wildebeest Collection

Beautiful bean-filled stuffed wildebeest in a variety of sizes
from the SOS "Save Our Space" collection by Leosco.

The Wildebeest is also known as the Gnu.

SOS 10 Inch Stuffed Wildebeest

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8 Mar 17

SOS 14 Inch Stuffed Wildebeest

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8 Mar 17

SOS 7 Inch Stuffed Wildebeest

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27 Feb 15

The wildebeest, also known as the Gnu, is a large African antelope with an ox-like head, horns, and shoulders; bristly facial hair and mane; and a horse-like tail.   Although the bristly faces and massive shoulders make wildebeests appear menacing, they go into antics when approached, dashing off and wheeling about to gaze at the intruders. Females bear single calves, which can run a few minutes after birth. The young are frequently taken by hyenas, and the adults are a favorite prey of lions.

Information From Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia 2000

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