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Horny Toad
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Stuffed Plush
Horny Toad

A soft plush bean filled plush horned toad stuffed animal from Fiesta Toy.

9 Inches Long

Fiesta Plush Horny Toad


Also known as horned lizards, they inhabit western North America from British Columbia southward to Guatemala and from Arkansas and Kansas westward to the Pacific coast. The usual habitat is desert or semidesert sandy country. Horned toads conceal themselves by colour-pattern change and by wriggling sideways into the sand until the entire body, except the head, is covered. They are food specialists, eating mainly ants.

Defense mechanisms include the ability to inflate the body quickly by gulping air, and (rarely) spurting blood from the eyes. They are often kept as pets but seldom live long in captivity.

"horned toad." Encyclopædia Britannica from Encyclopædia Britannica Premium Service.

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