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Wild Republic Cuddlekins Stuffed Plush Okapi

Stuffed Plush

A soft life-like plush okapi from the Wild Republic Cuddlekins Collection.

15 Inches Long
13 Inches Tall

Wild Republic
Cuddlekins Plush Okapi


Okapi, or forest giraffe, a member of the giraffe family found in the inaccessible rain forests of northeastern Zaire and western Uganda. The okapi lives a secluded life and it was not discovered until 1900. It is considered rare, but too little information exists about the okapi to classify it as threatened or endangered.

The short, stout body of the okapi ranges from 5 to 5.5 ft high at the shoulders and 6.5 to 7 ft in length, with a tail 12 to 17 inches long that ends in a tuft. It weighs 460 to 550 lb. The male has two small, skin-covered bony knobs on its forehead. The okapi has a long, flexible blue-black tongue that it uses to rip leaves from branches. It has large, dark eyes and large, wide ears. The short, soft hair is reddish brown to black with large, white stripes on the front legs and flanks.

Information From Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia 2000

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