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Wishpets Plush Octopus

Stuffed Plush Octopus

A big colorful plush octopus from Wishpets. A wish come true!

16 Inches Long
Head to Tentacles

Wishpets Small Octopus

Sold Out
No Longer Available
18 Aug 17

Octopus - The eight armed creature of the deep, the octopus is considered one of the smarter members of the undersea world.  The body of the octopus is remarkable in the way it can change color and pattern to camouflage itself or threaten potential enemies.  The shape of the body is amazing as well in that the octopi can alter their body shapes so they look like long thin sea fish.  Eight arms are not used for movement since the octopus uses a water fueled jet system to propel itself through the briny depths.

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