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Musk Ox

Wildlife Artists Arctic Alive Collection

Stuffed Ark Lifelike Plush Musk Oxen

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Wildlife Artists Stuffed Plush Musk Ox

Stuffed Plush
Musk Ox

From the Wildlife Artists Arctic Alive Collection. Very nice plush designed with meticulous attention to detail.

13 Inches Long

Wildlife Artists Stuffed Plush Musk Ox

The muskox is an arctic mammal of the Bovidae family, noted for its thick coat and for the strong odor emitted by males, from which its name derives.  During the summer, muskoxen live in wet areas, such as river valleys, moving to higher elevations in the winter to avoid deep snow. They graze on grasses, reeds, sedges, and other ground plants, digging through snow in the winter to reach their food. 

Muskoxen are native to the Arctic areas of Canada, Greenland, and Alaska. The Alaska population was wiped out in the late nineteenth or early twentieth century, but muskoxen have since been reintroduced to Alaska. The United States Fish & Wildlife introduced muskox onto the Nunivak Island in 1935 as a means for sustenance living. The species has also been reintroduced from Banks Island to northern Europe, including Sweden, Estonia, the Dovre region of Norway, and Russia and from Ellesmere island to Eastern Canada, in the province of Quebec. Muskoxen were close to extinction at one point, but have recovered after being protected from hunting. The world population is estimated at between 80,000 and 125,000, with an estimated 68,788 living on Banks Island.

The last known muskox from outside North America, that lived on the Taymyr Peninsula of Siberia, died out about 2,000 years ago.

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