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Stuffed Plush Horseshoe Crab from Cabin Critters

Stuffed Plush
Horseshoe Crab

Beautiful life-like plush
from Cabin Critters.

13 Inches Long
8 Inches Wide

Cabin Critters
Plush Horseshoe Crab


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6 Jul 17

Horseshoe Crab - any of four species of marine arthropods of the order Xiphosura (class Merostomata), found on the east coasts of Asia and North America. Despite their names, these animals are not crabs at all but rather are related to the scorpions, spiders, and extinct trilobites.

Horseshoe crabs are of extremely ancient origin and are often referred to as living fossils. Their fossil relatives are recognized as far back as the Ordovician Period (505 to 438 million years ago), and forms similar to modern-day horseshoe crabs date back to the Jurassic Period (208 to 144 million years ago). The present genera include two along the coast of Asia and one along North America. Best known is the single American species Limulus polyphemus, specimens of which can reach a length of more than 2 feet. The animals are most abundant in estuarine waters, in winter at moderate depths and in summer often on intertidal mud flats. Horseshoe crabs have been used as food by humans and are a serious enemy of the soft-shelled crab.

"horseshoe crab." Encyclopędia Britannica from Encyclopędia Britannica Premium Service.

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