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Hansa Stuffed Plush Coatimundis

Stuffed Plush

European style quality from Hansa.  Toys that teach designed from portraits of real coatimundis. Hand made in small lots.

Choice of Sizes

Poseable Tail

Small Hansa Coatimundi
22 Inches Long, Nose to Tail
6½ Inches Tall


Sold Out
No Longer Available
16 Feb 18


Large Hansa Coatimundi
24 Inches Long, Nose to Tail
9 Inches Tall


Sold Out
No Longer Available
4 Feb 15

Coatimundi - Any of three species of omnivore related to raccoons. Coatis are found in wooded regions from the southwestern United States through South America.

The coati has a long, flexible snout and a slender, darkly banded tail that it often carries erect as it moves about. It has coarse fur that is gray to reddish or brown with lighter underparts and light facial markings. The male coati measures about 73 to 136 cm (29 to 54 inches) in length—half of which is tail—and weighs roughly 4.5 to 11 kg (10 to 24 pounds). The female is somewhat smaller.

Female and young coatis commonly live in bands of 5 to 40 and travel together. The males are solitary and join the bands only during the short mating season of approximately a month. The gestation period is about 77 days long, and litters usually consist of two to six young.

Coatis are most active during the day. Like their raccoon relatives, they are curious and resourceful creatures and are good climbers. When foraging, they comb the trees as well as the ground for seeds, fruits, eggs, and a wide variety of small animals ranging from insects to mice.

Coati - Encyclopædia Britannica.  © 2006

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