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Stuffed Plush
Flying Squirrel

Stuffed Ark Lifelike Plush Squirrels

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Fiesta Plush Stuffed Flying Squirrel

Stuffed Plush
Flying Squirrel

Luxurious soft lifelike plush flying squirrel. From the Fiesta Wild Animals Collection.

Magnetic front paws.

15 Inches Long
Nose to Tail

Fiesta Plush Flying Squirrel

Valued for their glossy luxurious fur, minks are bushy tailed weasels that live in marshes and thickets near lakes and streams. Minks are rarely seen because they spend the day hidden in burrows or abandoned beaver lodges.   At night they hunt for frogs, fish, crayfish, and other aquatic creatures, as well as large fare, such as muskrats and rabbits.

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