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Flower Factory Stuffed Plush Rattlesnake

Stuffed Plush Rattlesnake

A soft coiled plush rattlesnake from the Flower Factory.

35 Inches Long
No Rattle Included

Flower Factory
Stuffed Plush Rattlesnake



Rattlesnakes are found from Canada to South America, usually in arid regions. Most species eat small animals, primarily rodents; small or juvenile rattlesnakes depend largely on lizards. All species bear live young, usually in broods of about a dozen.

Like other snakes, rattlesnakes cannot tolerate extreme heat or cold. In hot areas they become nocturnal, avoiding the heat of day in protected shelters. In winter they congregate in rockslides or crevices to hibernate.  All rattlesnakes are venomous and dangerous.

"rattlesnake." Encyclopędia Britannica from Encyclopędia Britannica Premium Service.

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