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Green Anole
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Stuffed Ark Lifelike Plush Green Anoles

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Fiesta Stuffed Plush Green Anole

Stuffed Plush
Green Anole

Premium quality life like Green Anole from Fiesta Toy.


18 Inches Long

Fiesta Green Anole

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29 Jan 17

Anoles occur throughout the warmer regions of North and South America and are abundant in the West Indies. Anoles attain 5 to 18 inches in length and can change colour from brown or yellow to several shades of green. The male often has a large red or yellow expansible dewlap (fold of skin in the neck region).

The familiar green anole, commonly but erroneously called chameleon, is native to the southern United States and islands in the Caribbean; it is the false “chameleon” sold in pet shops. Its colour varies at times from green to brown or mottled, but its colour-changing ability is poor compared to that of the true chameleons of the Old World.

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