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Stuffed Ark begins and ends with our love for all of God's creatures. Noah served God by carrying His creatures through the flood. We carry as many plush examples of His creation as we can through the Internet.

Stuffed is owned and operated by Stuffed Ark Corporation, a family business located in the Sierra Foothills of California between Sacramento and Lake Tahoe. Launched in 2001, Stuffed has become a leading online retailer of life-like plush animals. We do not have a conventional storefront - all of our customers find us through our web site.

Nose-N-Toes Llama GiftsStuffed Ark was founded by Bill and Sandy Chickering as a spin-off from their successful llama gift web site The plush llamas featured at Nose-N-Toes were popular with customers who reported that they could find stuffed llamas nowhere else. If the llama, a relatively unusual animal, could be such a hit online, Bill and Sandy reasoned that many other people might be just as pleased to find their own special animal.

So they began collecting life-like stuffed animals, often a couple of examples of each species, just as Noah collected real animals for the Ark - and construction of the Stuffed Ark was started.

Life-Like PlushNow we have filled the Ark with hundreds of the best premium quality stuffed animals from dozens of manufacturers and wholesalers. Our merchandise represents one of the largest and most diverse collections of its kind, and it is securely stored in our warehouses awaiting your order. Unlike the toy store in the mall, our stuffed animals have not been handled by other customers prior to your purchase.

Our web site is updated on a daily basis. If a particular animal is displayed online, we are almost certain to have at least one available for immediate shipment. Internet orders are received here via secure server almost immediately following placement. Orders received by 10:00am Pacific Time Monday through Friday are shipped on the same day. We ship most standard orders via insured and tracked UPS Ground Service.

In addition to Stuffed, we operate four other web stores:

Nose-N-Toes - Gifts and collectibles with a llama theme
Stuffed Legends - Plush characters from stories, tales and legends
Critter Socks - Socks inspired by your favorite animals
No China Plush - An exclusive collection of stuffed animals NOT made in China

Unlike some online retailers, we publish our actual address and toll free telephone number on nearly every page of our web site. But unlike the Big Store In Town, we haven't hired a telephone receptionist. So if you miss us when you call, be sure to leave a message so we can call you back!

We hope you enjoy the life-like stuffed animals brought to you by the Stuffed Ark.

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