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The Shopping Cart feature added to our Web site was chosen for its security and convenience.  It has been arranged through AmeriCart Shopping Cart Service, a company that maintains a secure server for the purpose facilitating Internet commerce.


Many people remain concerned about the safety of doing business over the Internet using credit card information.  That's why the AmeriCart secure server encrypts all sensitive data over the entire course of its electronic journey to Stuffed Ark.  With our Shopping Cart, your credit card information is safe, and your personal privacy is respected.

Moreover, most credit card companies limit consumer liability for fraudulent or disputed transactions to a relatively modest sum such as $50.  Some credit cards even include additional warranty protection covering customer purchases. This means that for most people credit cards are safer than cash or personal checks, even without the added benefits of a secure server.


Our primary goal in adding a shopping cart feature is convenience for our customers.  We want you to be able to select and purchase your merchandise 24 hours a day from anywhere in the world without delay.   Shopping on the Internet should be easier and more convenient than using a paper catalog or making a trip to the store.

How It Works

Each Add-To-Your-Shopping-Cart button is coded with information about the item selected for purchase.  When you click the button, it sends this information to the AmeriCart server which then displays a page showing your shopping cart status, including the selected item.

Clicking the View-Your-Shopping-Cart button tells the AmeriCart server to display your shopping cart status.  You can review the contents of your shopping cart, change quantities, or delete items.

Clicking the Go-To-Checkout-Now button moves your shopping cart display to an AmeriCart secure server.  Here the data that you send and receive is encrypted for security.

After you finish the checkout procedure, AmeriCart sends an email message to Stuffed Ark including all of your order information except your credit card number.  When we receive this message, we log in to a password protected area of the AmeriCart secure server to retrieve the credit card information.  Thus, your credit card data is fully protected.

The actual credit card financial transaction occurs off-line here at Stuffed Ark via our merchant banking account with Bank of America in the same manner as any other customer order.

In effect, the shopping cart feature is nothing more than an encrypted email message from you to Stuffed Ark - safer than standard email; more convenient than telephone or postal ordering.


We still welcome and encourage telephone, fax and regular mail orders.  In fact, Sandy especially likes phone orders - she enjoys meeting our customers and making new friends for Stuffed Ark.

We welcome any comments that you may have about our Shopping Cart.


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